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We're All Alright!

We’re All Alright! is the eighteenth studio album by American rock band Cheap Trick. It was released on June 16, 2017.

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Track listing

1.“You Got It Going On”Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Julian Raymond3:11
2.“Long Time Coming”Zander, R. Nielsen, Petersson, Raymond3:12
3.“Nowhere”R. Nielsen, Zander, Petersson, Daxx Nielsen2:45
4.“Radio Lover”R. Nielsen, Zander, Petersson, D. Nielsen2:47
5.“Lolita”Petersson, Zander, R. Nielsen3:17
6.“Brand New Name on an Old Tattoo”Todd Cerney, R. Nielsen, Zander, Petersson3:33
7.“Floating Down”Petersson, Zander, R. Nielsen3:49
8.“She’s Alright”Zander, Petersson, R. Nielsen3:40
9.“Listen to Me”R. Nielsen, Zander, Petersson, D. Nielsen3:14
10.“The Rest of My Life”Petersson, Zander, R. Nielsen, Raymond4:19


  • Robin Zander – lead vocals, guitar
  • Rick Nielsen – lead guitar, background vocals
  • Tom Petersson – bass, background vocals
  • Daxx Nielsen – drums


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