97ZOK: Rick Nielsen’s New Jacket Shows He’s Also a Hall of Fame Grandpa

Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, besides being blessed with many musical talents, he’s also blessed with a wonderful family, who’s with him wherever he goes.

The Summer of 2020 has had its ups and downs. While I’ve missed nothing quite as much as I’ve missed going to concerts, I’ve loved how the COVID-19 pandemic has blessed me with more time together with my family. The same goes for the men and women we look forward to seeing on those stages again.

Hall of Fame guitarist, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, had a full schedule of shows this past summer, but I’d be willing to bet money he loved the time he got with his very large family even more.

I’ve heard that Rick’s grandkids call him ‘Grumpy’, but this incredibly cool, custom jacket show’s he’s anything but grumpy when it comes to the beautiful family that he and his wife Karen (pictured above) have created. Rock star dreams weren’t the only one’s fulfilled.

Rick Nielsen is currently blending music and family with a new group named, The Nielsen Trust. The band features two of Rick’s sons, Daxx and Miles, and Miles’ wife, Kelly.

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2 thoughts on “97ZOK: Rick Nielsen’s New Jacket Shows He’s Also a Hall of Fame Grandpa”

  1. Hey Rick. Hey.my friend 70s fan here. I’m so glad I finally got see you n the band. O man the band. America’s best.it was in Nashville 2019. Well.take care .

  2. I met Cheap Trick in 1991 at a dive bar in Delaware. This was long before meet and greets were even thought of. I answered a fan’s knowledge question about the band on a local radio station. I surprised Robin Zander with a 1977 black and white photo from their Budokan tour. I looked like a roadie posing with Rick Nielsen in my ripped jeans and leather jacket. Tom Petersson was very cool and laid back. Bun E. Carlos did not want to meet, although they all signed my photo and the three of them chatted with me a bit. Afterward I was up close for their concert. It surprised me that I didn’t break the framed photo while being so close to the stage. To this day they are still my favorite Rock n Roll band of all time. I was thrilled to see them inducted into the Rock hall of fame, which was long overdue. I just turned sixty and saw them in Atlantic City with my nephew for my Birthday. It was a thrill to meet them and as a true fan, I am glad that I never wavered in my devotion.

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