6 thoughts on “KLOS Marci Wiser Interview”

  1. Hey Rick …

    I’m a longtime Cheap Trick fan from Australia …
    … can’t wait for the new album … loved the last one.
    When will the missing 3 albums CT’97 … Special One …
    & Rockford be released to Spotify?

    I’ve bought all your cd’s many times …
    last time was the Japanese reissues with many bonus tracks
    … love them … some of those songs were new to me …
    but i tend to listen to you more on Spotify …
    & it pains me to be missing those 3 albums from my playlist.

    Thanks Rick … keep rockin’ …

    … John Spelling … Australia.


      Hello Rick, I am your Brazilian fan and Cheap Trick since 1.979, I have all CDs, LPs and DVDs and I would like to ask for the release on vinyl from 1.997 and Rockford (2006). Cheap Trick would return to Brazil now in June / 2020 (I was at the show in 2.017 and I met him in São Paulo), but unfortunately it was canceled because of Covid-19. Is there a chance for 2021 in Brazil? Looking forward to the new disc in all formats. Stay safe. Cheap trick forever.

  2. George Nielsen

    Hello there ladies and gentlemen and
    Hello Rick!
    I want you to come to me….
    Is there any possibility that you would do Sweden 🇸🇪 sometime you guys haven’t been here for ages and I can’t afford going to the states, I’ve been travelling to Bristol and Dublin to see CT but it’s to expensive in the long run. Love your music and hope for the best, stay safe
    I saw Miles Nielsen & the rusted hearts in Malmö and Copenhagen great band

  3. I really enjoy that interview. I really miss those guys. From Mike L
    PS I would love to hear that song from the young band.

  4. There is simply no better band to see live than Cheap Trick. Each concert is a completely amazing experience. Four guys onstage doing what they love most in the whole wide world, and it shows. Never have I ever seen them ‘phone in’ a performance. They give their all each and every night and by the end of the show, the audience is exhausted and exhilarated, and when they leave the stage, it always seems they do it reluctantly. You get the feeling they would play all night if they could. And you’re willing to stay there with them.
    I DEFY YOU to find a better band.

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